The materials/visuals on this website are artist's illustrations/impression of the proposed development, and in respect of Phase 1 of the project (comprising of 66 bungalows on a demarcated portion of the project land). The area/s, apartment/s, bungalow/s, villa/s, building/s, tower/s, wing/s, layout/s, landscape/s, demarcation/s, plan/s, amenity/s, description/s, dimension/s, elevation/s, facility/s, space/s, specification/s, user/s, fitting/s, fixture/s, furniture/s and various other features relating to the Phase 1 and/or future phases and/or various portions of the land as may be demarcated from time to time, are all

(i) Tentative, till final sanction of plans for entire layout and till completion of development of all phases of the entire project;

(ii) May not be part of the layout or the standard premises;

(iii) Subject to amendment/s, change/s, modification/s and revision/s, from time to time at Developer's sole discretion (without prior consent, notice or obligation), Developer reserves full right for maximum development potential and complete flexibility till completion of all phases of entire development relating to the project land. This brochure is issued for general guidance only and does not constitute any assurance, claim, offer, inducement, invitation proposal or representation for any purpose whatsoever. Portion of the property is mortgaged with HDFC Limited. Developer will obtain NOCs if required.